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Groene Mandarijnolie (Citrus nobilis)


Groene Mandarijnolie (Citrus nobilis)

Citrus nobilis



Green mandarin oil has a sharp and tangy fragrance that refreshes and wakes up the senses. Like all citrus fruits, mandarin has a brightening and astringent effect on the skin and adds shine to the hair, by encouraging the cuticle to lie flat and reflect more light.

Green mandarin oil is extracted from the unripe, green fruits of the Citrus nobilis tree, just before they mature enough to resemble the well-known orange mandarin. Because the oil is obtained before the fruit gets all its sugar, its scent is less sweet than the oil made with fully ripe mandarins and has more floral notes, reminiscent of the scent of neroli oil.

Since 2005, Lush has sourced bergamot, lemonmandarin and green mandarin essential oils directly from a family business that have been producing citrus oils for three generations. While the lemons and mandarins thrive under the sun of Sicily, the bergamot fruits are grown in Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy. Grown without pesticides, the mandarins are collected by hand and pressed entirely with their peel. The resulting liquid then goes through a centrifugal process that separates the oil from the juice.

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