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Hazelnut Milk


Hazelnut Milk

Corylus avellana



Hazelnuts are rich in oils, proteins, vitamin B and E. When mixed with water they make a moisturising and sweet-smelling milk with antioxidant properties.

Hazel is the name of a genus of trees belonging to the birch family (Betulaceae). Many trees of the genus produce edible nuts, commonly known as hazelnuts. They can also be referred to as cobnuts or filberts and differ slightly in their shapes depending on the species.

At least a quarter of the world's hazelnut production is used to make chocolate spreads. While this delicious and addictive combination makes a lot of sense nowadays, it didn’t a few centuries ago. Legend has it that chocolate and hazelnut were first coupled by a chocolatier in Turin, Italy, at the beginning of the 19th century when a shortage of cocoa beans had forced them to find alternatives.

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