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Moerasspirea-infusie (Spiraea ulmaria)


Moerasspirea-infusie (Spiraea ulmaria)

Spiraea ulmaria



The fragrant Queen of the Meadow infuses hot water with sweetness and calming properties.

Where do we get it?

Like most dried herbs, flowers and seeds that Lush uses, meadowsweet is purchased through a distributor. They source products from different countries depending on seasonality and stock availability. They must comply with Lush's buying policy which encourages growers to move away from the use of hazardous pesticides. Periodic, case-by-case spot checks are also performed to detect pesticide residues on the ingredients entering our factories.

What is an infusion?

Infusions are like herbal tea. Herbs and flowers, carefully chosen for their benefits, are gathered in a muslin cloth and steeped into hot water for several minutes, delivering their properties and wonderful aromas.

What are the benefits for your skin?

  • anti-inflammatory and soothing
  • astringent
  • toning

Unique stories

Meadowsweet is a herb that grows in meadows, at the edges of ponds, on riverbanks and in woodlands. It produces fragrant clusters of small, creamy-white or pale pink flowers. Its stem, leaves and flowers have a long history of being used to treat the skin. The plant contains salicylic acid, which is the base for aspirin and is also used in cosmetics to exfoliate the skin and treat acne.

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