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Pakistaanse Jasmijn Absolue (Jasminum grandiflorum)


Pakistaanse Jasmijn Absolue (Jasminum grandiflorum)

Jasminum grandiflorum



Jasmine is a regularly used perfumery element, particularly in fine fragrances. It has an earthy floral aroma, providing a rich, deep note to products and perfumes.

The star-shaped flowers of the jasmine plant are white or pale yellow and extremely fragrant. They open at night to release their sensual scent. Thousands of jasmine flowers are processed through solvent extraction to produce just one kilogram of absolute: a thick, dark orange liquid with a rich, floral aroma.

Jasmine was brought to Europe in the 16th century and became a staple ingredient in the perfume industry. Every August, a jasmine festival is held in Grasse, France, during which revellers scatter jasmine water and flowers over celebrating crowds and the town comes alive with music, events and visitors from all over the world.

This absolute is the result of a collaborative effort between Pakistani farmers and Lush, to grow flowers without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, thanks to permaculture techniques. With the help of the Turkish rose supplier we have sourced from for years, a Pakistani rose absolute was produced first, now followed by jasmine.

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