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Ready, Jelly, Go! Knot Wrap


A groovy, organic cotton wrap

Ready, Jelly, Go! Knot Wrap
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"I was so excited LUSH released this design on it's own. I am so happy how it turned out in person when I received it, the colours are so vibrant and vivid, also the cute happy smiley faces. I kinda want to buy all of them. Lol! By far my favourite knot wrap of my collection, I love the design." - marie2222uk

"I've been dying for this print to come out as an individual knot wrap and when I saw it being put out today I had to buy one. Amazing print and a good size!" - alannah_james

"I just loved the design on this wrap and was waiting for it to come out on its own.. the colours are beautiful and psychedelic and it looks amazing if you twirl it around and tie it around a bun. I always wear it for work now!" - Sparkly pink je

How to use: 
If you’re looking for a waste-free wrapping option, use this fabric alternative to wrap up your chosen products for a tailor made gift. 

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