And we’ll make Fun, Fun, Fun

Behind the scenes of Elsie the Giraffe and her Famous Bath, some marvellously creative minds got to work on making Fun models worthy of the most splendid bath time. From fruit and leaves to four-legged friends, the most skilled hands in the land came together for one day of creative brilliance. And we couldn’t let them get away without hearing their (until now) best-kept secrets. Here are their top tips:

Warm hands, warm heart

Make sure your hands are nice and toasty. Next, warm up the Fun by rolling it in a ball - you’ll get a nice, smooth finish in no time.

Let’s get modelling

To model like a pro, start by making simple shapes, like a series of balls. Stick them together with a dab of water, then move on to the finer details. Once you’ve stuck them all together with a dab of water, you can add the finer details.

There’s a rainbow of colours to  choose from, but sometimes you need that perfect shade. To mix your own colours, just roll them together in your hands.

Water, water, everywhere...

Whoa there. Unless you’re ready to plunge into the bath, hold back on the water. If you like your Fun a little softer, you can add the tiniest amount to the mix.

You can also use water like glue. Just dab a teensy amount on the spots that need sticking, and that should do the trick.

Don’t get your Fun too wet, or you’ll have a melt down of Wicked Witch of the West proportions.

The right tool for the job

For an extra level of Fun mastery, you could use a few tools to help. Pens, toothpicks, cocktail sticks and plastic cutlery all come in handy. You could use them to poke little dots, add texture, and scrape lines into your creations.

Next top modeller

Now you know the trade secrets, you’re ready to advance to Fun master-modeller. Next time your creative hands are itching to work up a masterpiece, or you want to spend some quality time with someone arty, you’ve got just the skills to whip out and impress

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