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Bush Animal Fund

Introducing the Bush Animal Fund: a fund from which grassroots groups who are rescuing animals from the fires, or those restoring habitats, can apply for grants towards their work, whether now during the emergency, or for longer-term regeneration projects.

The Bush Animal Fund has been created as a separate fund to Charity Pot, but is subject to the same guidelines. For more information on eligibility please read: Charity Pot Funding Guidelines

This is an additional funding stream, from which eligible grassroots groups working in rescue, rehabilitation, or regeneration  can apply for grants to use during the emergency and for longer-term projects.

Our Bush Animal Fund will be open for all eligible organisations to apply for grants of up to $20,000.

Thank you for all your work in responding to the bushfire crisis, and for helping to regenerate our land and our community. 

During this national crisis, we know that time is limited, and organisations like yours may be inundated or overwhelmed without the ability to apply for funding. Please note that this fund is not only for immediate relief but for longer-term projects as well. 

To be able to assist you with funding, and ensure that our funding creates the most impact, we require details about the programs you run, the community you work in, and financial affiliations.

The Fund will give money to grassroots animal rescue and land restoration groups working to care for native Australian wildlife and to restore their forest homes that have been lost during the devastating bushfires.

If you have any further questions or know of groups whose work in bushfire relief or crisis advocacy would benefit from funding, please email [email protected] 

If you'd like to apply, you can click here to access our online application form.

With best wishes for your program,

The LUSH Charity Pot Team

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