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Rice Bran Absolute


Rice Bran Absolute

Oryza Sativa



Rice bran absolute gives our perfume a nutty scent of toasted rice.

Where do we get this absolute?

Lush purchases this absolute from a French distiller. The group strives to have a fully traceable and transparent supply chain, from cultivation to finished products, encouraging respect for the environment and people throughout. They aim to achieve a 100% recovery rate of their production waste (excluding wastewater) by 2025.

No such thing as waste

Where recycling means giving waste a new life, upcycling wants to give it a better life! Upscaled if you will, of better quality, of greater value. This rice bran absolute is a great example of upcycling.

The rice is grown in Camargue, a region of France and the largest river delta of Western Europe. To arrive white on our plates, rice is first husked, and then the bran, the dark outer layer covering the grain, is removed. In the case of the Camargue rice, the bran is left because it gives the nutty taste and pleasant texture that makes the appeal of this local variety. But all the same, during husking, part of the bran, or even part of the rice, is damaged and left out. It is these dusty aromatic crumbs that are recovered to create this absolute.

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