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Diya. This bath bomb/melt resembles a lit Diya candle with a blue base, yellow centre and a solid oil flame.
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Celebrate the magic of Diwali with this 3-in-1 bathing experience, a bath melt and bomb representing rangoli, lamp, and flame. Diya ensures your prosperity, as well as silky soft skin, while a warm floral blend of ylang ylang oil, jasmine and vanilla absolutes gently light up your senses.

*Please note, If you order this product online, we will package it with the flame separately to keep it safe. So upon arrival, you can place it upright in the product to complete it.

This product was co-created by Lush staff who celebrate Diwali.

What is Co-Create?
Co-Create is a product creation programme for Lush staff, aiming to promote diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging by lifting up authentic stories from respective communities.

“The Diyas are lit during the festival of Diwali to symbolise prosperity in the new year. This 3-in-1 bath gift represents the lit diya. The thumb pot or the base of the diya is decorated taking the concept of the rangoli, the middle is yellow in colour to represent oil and the melt is in the shape of a flame to represent fire.”
- Co-Creator: Rika, Lush Maidstone, UK

How to use:
Lower your bombshell into the bath and let the bright rangoli colours infuse the water with jasmine and vanilla. Add the flame bath melt for added softness and cocoa moisture to your skin.

How to store:
Keep cool and dry until you're ready to light up your bathtime.



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