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Limited Edition

Rangoli Knot Wrap

Gift Wrapping

100% organic cotton, a 50cm x 50cm Knot Wrap

Rangoli. A square knot wrap with a pink, floral border, bright blue centre and six blooming flowers in the middle.
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Knot Wrap Number: 437 

Create a your own gift for a loved one this Diwali by wrapping a selection of Lush products in this Rangoli-patterned Knot Wrap, made from 100% organic cotton. This reusable gift wrapping's print was created by Shashikala, a designer who forms part of the re-wrap artisans collective, a social enterprise in India focussing on environmental and social change. re-wrap work directly with a local farming group who produce the cotton, and they're able to ensure the farmers receive a fair wage.

Of their design, Shashikala says, "This is my home, where I always feel safe and happy to come every day. These opportunities give us a platform to showcase our talent and enjoy our passion. I drew the flower design as it has more colours in it… being a part of this company has made my life more colourful.".



Natural Ingredients

Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.



Your order will be expertly protected against impact during transit by biodegradable Eco Pops, compostable packaging nuggets made from potato starch! They're easily dissolvable in water or soil.

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