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Twilight body spray is sprayed up into the air, in front of a bright, light purple to light pink gradient background.


Body Spray

Lavender body and pillow spray

A spray bottle containing Twilight body spray, made of opaque black Lush plastic.
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"I do not need to tell anyone how wonderful this scent is. We all know. But there is something else, this body spray lasts on me as long as regular perfume would." - Achatina_2
"I'm addicted to this spray! Have used it for years now and my friends sometimes say they know it as my smell!" - c.mckinlay

"...first of all its smells divine !! Even if it didn't relax me ( its does ) i would still use this all the time i cant stop spritzing it EVERYWHERE ! It just smells that good ,exactly like the twilight bath bomb and sleepy range products if your debating wether or not to try this DO IT trust me you want this in your life..." - lavender moon

How to use:

Spritz on your body, avoiding the underarm area, or spritz on your clothes, pillows and bedding for a sense of ultimate calm to help you relax and drift off to sleep.




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