Maris Aqua (Świeża Woda Morska)


Maris Aqua (Świeża Woda Morska)



Water that is "alive" has many minerals and trace elements. The life of water is measured in its minerals and the way the water flows before we get to it. Nothing could be more alive than fresh sea water. Sea water contains sodium, combined with chloride, calcium, magnesium and potassium; oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are dissolved gases.

Minerals are vital for the body. They help to maintain water balance and keep the pH of the blood and lymphatic systems stable, which is essential for healthy living.

Our sea water comes from the crystal clear waters of Studland Bay on the south coast of England.

Our supplier, Pete, is a good friend. He collects the water on the floodtide, giving us the cleanest possible product for use in our cosmetics.

Seawater is alkaline and has a pH of around 8. It has an average of 3.33% of salt. This concentration varies from 2.9% in the polar seas to 3.55% at the equator.

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