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Vinegar (Ekologiczny Ocet Balsamiczny)


Vinegar (Ekologiczny Ocet Balsamiczny)



Balsamic vinegar聽gives hair聽gloss, shine and a soft texture. It is also able to make the聽cuticles (that coat and protect the hair) swell slightly, giving聽a more voluminous appearance.聽

Vinegar characteristically tastes very sour; however, balsamic vinegar is distinctively different with a rich, sweet and sour flavour and thick, syrupy consistency. It is prepared from white grapes and wine vinegar. It is placed in wooden barrels and aged for up to 25 years. Each variety gains some flavour from the type of wood used for barrels.

The traditional method of production originated in Italy and has been used there for centuries. Makers of traditional balsamic vinegar are as protective about the status of the true aged varieties as you would expect a wine grower to be about the character of a good vintage.

Using various vinegar for cosmetic purposes goes back centuries and formed an important part of ancient hair rinses and skin treatments because of their聽acidity聽and ability to help聽preserve natural cosmetics.

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