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Cytisus Scoparius Flower Powder (Wierzchołki Żarnowca w Proszku)

Cytisus Scoparius



Dried and ground young shoots of broom tops make a fine powder that absorbs moisture and keeps things dry.

Cytisus scoparius is an ornamental, perennial, hardy shrub native to heaths, waste ground, and woods in Europe growing wild and in cultivation. It has large yellow flowers that produce large quantities of pollen, which is very attractive to bees.

Brooms have been used over the centuries for medicinal, culinary and decorative purposes. Dioscorides, from the first century B.C., mentioned it as an effective remedy for swelling. Young shoots were gathered in the spring to eat.

Strona główna - Cytisus Scoparius Flower Powder (Wierzchołki Żarnowca w Proszku)

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