Oryza Sativa Starch (Skrobia Ryżowa)


Oryza Sativa Starch (Skrobia Ryżowa)

Oryza Sativa



A superfine powder, rice starch becomes a smooth cream when heated by the warm water of a bath.

A staple grain in most countries of the world, rice is hard to ignore. Over the centuries, many varieties have been developed from the original wild plants, native to the Asian continent. Sticky, long, perfumed, wild, white, brown or black, there are as many types of rice as one desires, and some useful by-products can also be obtained from the grain such as bran, bran oil, flour or starch.

Rice flour is produced by simply milling the grains while starch requires a bit more processing. Proteins must be removed from the flour, resulting in a starch with the smallest granules available commercially. Thanks to the polysaccharides it contains, it forms a soft and creamy gel when soaked in hot water.

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