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Six tips for great skin

As the body's largest organ, it's important to take good care of the skin you're in. These six comprehensive skin care tips are a great way to ensure you're looking (and feeling) your beautiful best.


Help to keep skin soft and bright by exfoliating regularly. This helps to get rid of any dead skin cells, which can leave it looking dull. Natural ingredients like coarse sea salt, ground almonds and aduki beans help to cleanse and clarify, also helping to prevent in-growing hairs by keeping your pores clear.


Angels On Bare Skin contains ground almonds to help tone and brighten, or try the buttery Let The Good Times Roll, with maize flour and polenta to gently exfoliate. Add on a Love Lettuce face mask with polishing ground almonds and almond shells. 


For sweet, soft smackers, try one of our sugary lip scrubs, packed with caster sugar and moisturising oils to prime that pout.


Ocean Salt face and body scrub will wash away dead skin cells with hand-harvested sea salt, which will also help to brighten skin. Alternatively, Buffy body butter is made with ground rice and aduki beans to smooth and buff rough skin (especially good for lumpy and bumpy bits).


The first step towards lovely soft feet is Stepping Stone foot scrub, packed with exfoliating pumice powder and antibacterial lemon, lime and lemongrass oils to help stamp out any unwated whiffs. Then mask them in cooling Volcano, made with kaolin, pumice, and papaya, and cover them in Fair Trade Foot Lotion to freshen up and moisturise. Finish with a dusting of T For Toes, our antibacterial and deodorisng foot powder. 


For silky smooth skin, exfoliate before you shave to help lift the hairs up. To help the blade glide, Prince shaving cream is made with linseed mucilage, as well as beautifully fragrant and toning sweet orange and vetivert oils.


Keep your skin moisturised with one of our beautifully perfumed body conditioners, like our exotically-scented African Paradise for tropical hydration. Just wash on in the shower and step out feeling soft and soothed. Or smooth on Dream Cream hand and body lotion to feel heavenly: its cooling and soothing ingredients like oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil help to calm down skin that's easily upset.


Stay fresh all day with one of our deodorants like The Guv'ner, made with two super-effective and absorbent powders, or our solid and gentle Aromaco deodorant that uses essentail oils and antibacterial ingredients to keep you as fresh as a daisy.


The first line of defense in sun protection is, of course, to avoid being out in it, especially at the hottest time of the day. You can still enjoy it, but think about your timing rather than avoiding the sun altogether. The second line defence is covering up your skin with protective clothing, whilst the third, is sunscreens.  

Our new sun care range includes our wash-on sun protection The Sunblock (SPF30), Sesame Suntan Lotion (SPF10) to help prevent you toasting, and we’ve also created the exquisite Million Dollar Moisturiser, which helps protect the delicate facial skin with SPF30, honey, butters and oils. They all contain industyr-standard sunscreens, and when applied regularly, will help you stay safe in the sun.

Cool, calm and soothe

When your skin is in need of some relief from the harshness of everyday, cool it down with some of our calming treats. Slather on a fresh face mask like Catastrophe Cosmetic straight from the fridge and let its cooling blueberries, calamine, chamomile, rose, and almond oils work their magic. Next, stand under a cool shower and let Dreamwash shower smoothie provide relief with soothing aloe vera gel and calming calamine, plus rose absolute to calm redness. Finish with Dream Cream lotion, which is full of oatmilk, rose water and chamomile blue oil to cool skin down.

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