Alkanet Extraído em Óleo de Amêndoa


Alkanet Extraído em Óleo de Amêndoa

Alkanna tinctoria; Prunus dulcis



A well-known plant dye, the roots of the alkanet give vibrant shades of pink and red to the moisturising and soothing almond oil.

It’s all in the name, isn’t it? The second part of alkanet’s botanical name, tinctoria, comes from Latin and means ‘pertaining to dyeing’. Alkanet plants have a purple-hued bark and funnel-shaped, colourful flowers, but it’s their thick roots that provide a deep red dye when soaked in oils and in this case, almond oil.

Almond oil has a conditioning effect on the skin and hair. It is also soothing, moisturising and packed with antioxidant vitamin E, giving the skin a gorgeous glow. Lush purchase this oil directly from a producer in Italy, where it is pressed from nuts harvested in Spain and Italy

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