Glyceryl Stearate SE



Glyceryl stearate SE is an emulsifying and stabilising material; it allows oil and water-based ingredients to mix well together.

Both glyceryl stearate and glyceryl stearate SE can be found in Lush products. They are obtained by esterification of glycerine and stearic acid and act as emulsifiers, improving the stability of product blends. 

So what’s the difference between the two materials then? ‘SE’ stands for self-emulsifying. It means that this form of glyceryl stearate has been slightly modified to have a particularly high affinity with water and, therefore, to be even more efficient as a binder.

Although glyceryl stearate SE is a safe and very effective material, we are limiting its use in our products as the only sources we can find for now are palm-derived. Find more information on Lush’s journey with palm oil here.

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