Óleo de Gérmen de Trigo


Óleo de Gérmen de Trigo

Triticum vulgare



Wheat germ oil contains at least twice as much vitamin E as any other vegetable oils, a powerful antioxidant that is soothing and thought to help the skin stay firm and radiant.

Let's take a look at the name of this oil. First, the word 'wheat'. Wheat is one of the oldest grains cultivated by humans and one of the most important crops in the world today. In fact, it's so familiar in our diet that it doesn't really need an introduction!

Then, the word ‘germ’. Germs are small plant embryos found in seeds that grow into a new plant once germination is underway. It's nutritionally the richest part of the grain but it's usually discarded by the wheat milling industry because if germination started it would use up the starch that the kernel contains as food and therefore the manufacture of flour would be greatly compromised. However, wheat germ on its own is far from being useless - it can be eaten or processed to obtain a rich oil.

If wheat germ oil has acquired such a good reputation in cosmetics, and in skincare products in particular, it is thanks to its high vitamin E content but also to two unsaturated fats, namely linoleic and linolenic acids. These allow the oil to penetrate the skin quickly and are known to restore moisture to the skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier.

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