Various designs and colours of Knot Wrap are shown on a white background, wrapped around products and with different styles.

Vintage Knot Wrap


Vintage re-usable wrapping

Vintage Knot Wrap, yellow red and blue dotted square wrap for illustrative purposes only.
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6,00 €

"I love to collect vintage scarves, and I've ordered two of these so far. The first one was a pretty watercolor floral and mushroom print, and the second was a burgundy one with cute cocker spaniels on it. I love the surprise of adding a scarf to my order, I hope Lush always offers this feature!" - carolineecausey

"im obsessed with scarves so when i got this with a load of bath bombs i was so happy now when ever i get anything from lush it gets wrapped in a scarf" - MEGGAN_2

"Love Mine! Just received my order in the post today, love the random selection I was given (blue/purple design) - thank you Lush!!" - aimee.parkin

How to use: 

Wrap up your products with these unique, vintage Knot Wraps.

Please note:

You will not receive the Knot Wrap pictured, the selection will depend on what vintage stock is available at the time of ordering. 

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