Moringa oleifera



Moringa seed powder is antioxidant-rich and used as a purifying agent. Applied topically, it is deeply cleansing and moisturising, restoring brightness to skin and hair and adding hydration.

Moringa oleifera is a pioneer species with a great impact on its environment by bringing soil fertility back to the barren land and is used to treat malnutrition among other benefits.

Moringa seed pods are harvested when they turn brown and brittle, just before they would naturally crack. The seeds are then dried, de-hulled and winnowed to finally be processed into a powder.

The purifying properties of its kernels as a coagulant is used for water clarification, and therefore it will also cleanse impurities from hair. The moringa oil contained in the kernels provides a highly moisturising oil to protect the hair and helps to make it stronger.

Hemsida - Moringapulver