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Verbascum thapsus; Linum usitatissimum



Since flax seeds and mullein leaves both produce mucilage when simmered in water, their decoction has a gel-like consistency and helps soothe, condition and protect the skin.

Decoctions are made in-house at Lush by boiling raw materials in water until half of the water evaporates. It creates concentrated liquid extracts, full of benefits for the skin and hair.

The flax (Linum usitatissimum) is also known as linseed. It is a herb with a tall, leafy stem and pale blue flowers. Its tear-shaped, brown or yellowish seeds can be pressed to produce linseed oil or soaked in water to make their outer coating swell, producing a gel-like texture called mucilage. Linseeds are rich in polyholosides, known to have the ability to retain water into the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.

Mullein is a tall herb with large leaves as soft as rabbit ears and a long stem covered with yellow flowers. A magical plant, it is said to ward off nightmares, evil spirits and dark magic but it is, of course, its emollient and antimicrobial properties on the skin that makes it of cosmetic interest.

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