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Vitis Vinifera



This oil, extracted from the seeds of organic grapes, is renowned for its ability to protect and to restore moisture. Lightweight and delicate, it leaves the skin, scalp and hair soft, smooth and strong.

There are several species in the genus Vitis (grapevines), but Vitis vinifera (grape) is the most commonly consumed. It’s one of the oldest cultivated plants and is believed to have grown wild around the world long before humans arrived. The edible and juicy fruits of the grape grow in clusters under the sun, ranging from a bluish-black colour to red and white.

Biochemical research has shown that grapeseed oil contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) as well as vitamin E, two groups of powerful antioxidants. It also has a strong affinity with the structure of our skin cells, absorbs easily and helps transport other ingredients deeper into the skin. This explains why the oil is often used as a carrier in aromatherapy but is also widely found in cosmetics. Regenerative and restorative, it is of great help for damaged and stressed skin tissues, and is known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Lush purchase this oil from a distributor, which means it can be sourced from different European producers depending on availability. The seeds are leftovers of the organic wine and juice industry. They are collected and cold-pressed to obtain the precious oil.

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