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Eutrema japonicum; Armoracia rusticana



Horseradish and wasabi have tingled the taste buds of mankind for centuries. When a plant has this pungent effect, it often means that it’s stimulating circulation. These two roots are no exception and by boosting blood flow in the scalp they are thought to encourage the growth of healthy, strong hair.

What do wasabi, horseradish, and mustard have in common? They are used as condiments, have a pungent taste, and in fact, they are from the same family, the Brassicaceae.

The gnarled wasabi root has an internal flesh that is pale green in colour. Where possible, Lush purchase it from a local producer to their manufacturing sites in Dorset, UK, but it can also come from two other sources in Japan and Indonesia depending on production needs.

Fresh horseradish is a well-known sauce to cooking enthusiasts. Producing a large amount of vitamin C, the root is beneficial in maintaining the production of collagen - an important protein found in hair and skin. It also deeply cleanses and invigorates the skin thanks to its stimulating and antimicrobial properties.

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