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A person with wiggly black eyeliner on their eyelids looks to the side, as if admiring their bright fuschia pink lipstick.



Berry fuschia

Lubań. A bright, fuschia pink lipstick refill, protected by a wax outer layer, which features a tab for easy removal.

"This is a gorgeous shade, my new favourite! I think this is a colour that works for all skin tones. Very pretty and great staying power, mwah!!!" - MadhatterRache

To use this naked wax refill, hold at the base and peel up using the black tab. Remove the black wax portion on the bottom, and slot into a clean, empty lipstick container. Remove the rest of the peelable wax and berry fuschia lips are yours!

What’s inside counts

Cruelty-free kisses starts with you! Our 100% vegan lipstick contains a host of non animal tested, skin loving ingredients such as creamy, hydrating Castor oil which is expertly combined with long-wearing, cruelty-free pigments for stand-out lip colour.

This shade of lipstick is exclusively available online and in our Makeup concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku)




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