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Air Travel and Carbon Tax policy

Lush UK has operated an Air Travel and Carbon Tax Scheme for over four years.

Lush UK Carbon Tax scheme

  • When Lush UK people use air travel, we calculate the Carbon generated.
  • We ‘tax’ ourselves at a rate of £50 per metric tonne.
  • The money from our Carbon Tax is used to fund climate change and transport campaign groups.

The Lush Carbon measurement includes

  • CO2 emissions
  • The warming effect of aircraft engine exhaust gases on the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The damage  to the atmosphere, caused by aerosol gases created by aircraft engines.

How do we calculate our Carbon used?

  • 1 mile of air travel = 0.87 kilograms of Carbon.
  • 1 kilometre of air travel = 0.54 kilograms of Carbon

Example of Carbon calculation

  • Flight to Madrid - Flight distance is 1543 miles
  • Carbon created is 1543 miles x 0.87 kg = 1,342 kg
  • 1,342kg = 1.342 metric tonnes
  • Carbon Tax is £50 per metric tonne
  • 1.342 metric tonnes x £50 = £67.10

Carbon Tax from this flight payable to Charities would be £67.10 

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