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We’ve brought a tried-and-tested, traditional formula bang up to date with our brand new cold pressed soap bars…

Soap has been our passion ever since we started out with Constantine & Weir and Cosmetics to Go. In those days we used a traditional cold method which we first explored when we supplied The Body Shop with Elizabethan Wash Balls. We then went on to develop an imaginative array of hand pressed solid soap bars, which were packed with all kinds of unusual and unexpected ingredients, before developing the hot method that we still use today.

“The first soaps we ever made were Elizabethan Wash Balls,” explains Lush co-founder, Mark Constantine. “They were rock hard — harder than the average cricket ball — and would last forever.”

Now, in Lush’s 20th anniversary year, we’ve come full-circle, and revisited the cold pressed method that served us so well in the past. As a result, we’ve developed three brand spanking new soap bars, based on Elizabethan formulas: Lush Hippy, Lush Gardener and Lush Mechanic.

“We’ve revisited our history,” explains Lush co-founder, Mark Constantine. “They are Elizabethan-style formulas, but this time round we’ve been more adventurous.”

Much of our recent innovation has focused on making our own soap bases in-house, using a range of butters and oils including coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, and baobab oil. When making our new cold pressed soaps, we’ve blended one of own soap bases with bought-in soap flakes, which are made from a vegetable oil base. This gives them a higher soap content, so they are much more solid and long-lasting. As a result, we can sell them in handy, individual pebbles.

“These cold pressed soaps are made from a mixture of dry ingredients, to which we add infusions, colours and perfumes,” explains product developer Wesley Burrage. “We powder dry ingredients and grate softer ones, then add colour and fragrance. These are blended together in a mixing machine, in the same way that you make bread dough, then pressed into individual bars.”

Lush Gardener Cold Pressed Soap was made especially for green-fingered customers who enjoy getting their hands dirty. Horny handed sons (and daughters) of the soil will be happy to hear that they can spritz their plants with the leftover soapy water after they’ve washed their hands. That’s because we’ve added rosemary, nettle and tea tree leaf infusions, which help to discourage aphids and other garden pests. This beautiful green bar with its watering can decoration is made with our moisturising almond oil base, so it’s kind to your hands as well as the garden.

If you need a bit of sunshine in your life, Lush Hippy Cold Pressed Soap is guaranteed to brighten up your bathroom. It’s made from a mix of our own Movis soap base, which contains sunflower oil, and bought-in soap flakes. We’ve also added sunflower petal infusion and ground sunflower seeds, to aid exfoliation. This one has a classic patchouli fragrance, and is decorated with a lion motif.

Last but not least, Lush Mechanics Cold Pressed Soap is designed with mechanics and builders in mind — along with anyone else who needs to scrub up nicely after a hard day’s work. Despite its pretty pink exterior, this is one tough customer — it’s very strongly exfoliating, so can tackle serious grit and grime. As well as our own moisturising olive oil soap base, we’ve added vegetable soap flakes, pumice, benzoin powder, orris root powder and a rosemary infusion. This is a natural antiseptic, which helps to clean and soothe cuts and abrasions. Mechanics is fragranced with vanilla absolute and ylang ylang, so it smells as sweet as candy — just like Snow Fairy — but we’ve decorated it with a silver spanner, just to prove that it’s hard as nails.

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