A business without borders

“Speaking to customers around the world cannot be done with just one voice; it takes a village.”

A statement from the Lush support team to staff and customers of the present and future.

Freedom of movement is at the core of Lush’s recruitment policy.

Many of Lush’s current staff and employees of the future consider themselves global citizens, and we will continue to fight for their right to freedom of movement.

As recruiters, we are passionate about the right role for the right person, regardless of nationality. When manmade borders stand in the way of putting the right person into a role, the business cannot move forward. Our enormous staff base is made up of people of many different nationalities, who have worked for Lush in many different places and experienced many parts of the company. You can't just recruit those skills into the business - freedom of movement allows us to develop the amazing, diverse internal talent we have and keep Lush’s core values at heart.  

Freedom of movement builds a resilient business

To financially support our staff and reward their hard work, we need a business that will grow and develop for years to come - in reality, a very hard thing to do. Most businesses fail. Most businesses don't last a lifetime. Lush’s ethics will never justify short-term profit making over doing the right thing, so how do we not only survive but thrive?

We need to put the best people in the areas of the business where they will have the biggest impact. Artificial borders make it very difficult to do this. Without freedom of movement for people emigrating to the UK, Lush Manufacturing (one of the last UK retailers still manufacturing product here) will struggle to recruit the volume of people needed. This means we will struggle to produce the product required to meet sales volume.

Our UK factory is based in Poole where 45% of our current staff are British and 55% are not. Every August to December we employ an additional 1,400 people to meet Christmas demand and deeply value and depend on people from outside the UK filling these roles. With only 3,000 people in the entire Dorset county currently claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance, we otherwise have a very small pool of local people to fill these roles.

Freedom of movement creates a diverse and successful international staff base

A global business needs truly localised knowledge to align everything we do across the world, and so it’s crucial to have diverse international staff to advise on and deliver everything, from ethical campaigns to product launches. That doesn't mean simply picking up a Brit and moving them to another country. Speaking to customers around the world cannot be done with just one voice; it takes a village.

Global collaboration has kept the business fresh and evolving. There is so much we can learn from working with others, listening to alternative viewpoints and developing each other’s skills. Exchanging stories about different cultures and backgrounds can only make us more human; after all, we work in the business of people.

Freedom of movement enables us to look for people who are catalysts - the Mary Poppins and architects of the business - who will create new opportunities, support our values and embrace adventure, no matter where in the world that may be.

Written by Boo Beer, Aaron Mudd, Kat Hannible, Victoria Bradford Snell, Joe Craven and Patrick Lloyd.

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