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Press Player: the Lush Times

Looking for your next viewing (or listening!) fix? Need a film, podcast, or documentary to inspire you to action? To tie in with the new Lush Times: Join the regeneration magazine, here are the freshest picks from Lush Player. Here you’ll find stories of people going beyond sustainability, and regenerating the planet and social systems.

The ones to watch

Roll up, roll up! These are the films and documentaries that put regeneration front and centre. Binge watch the whole list or pick one that grabs you the most.

We've all heard of aloe, but how does it get from a spiky, green plant into a skin-soothing saviour? In the first Source To Skin, Lush Presenter Kelly travels to Kenya to meet the Maasai women’s groups growing aloe and putting regeneration into action

Across the world, Indigenous communities are dedicating themselves to protecting the land, ecosystems, and traditional cultures with thousands of years of history. In Canada, Lush Spring Prize 2017 winner Indigenous Climate Action is supporting some of those communities, and raising Indigenous voices in a debate that is now critical.

Behind rose oil and rose absolute, lies a long tradition of rose cultivation in Isparta, Turkey. Hear from the farmers, learn about the challenges they face, and meet the Syrian refugees working as rose pickers.

From director Iggy LDN, and supported by the Lush Film Fund, comes this four-minute narrative dance film, setting out to change perspectives around knife crime.

In August 2018, grassroots group Code Rood was joined by local community campaigners and climate activists from all over Europe. They organised a peaceful mass action camp and gas tanker blockade to disrupt the fossil fuel industry, and shine a light on global climate issues. This is their story.

Sandalwood is in high demand as an ingredient in perfume, but supply of this precious material is scarce. In places such as Tanzania and Kenya, sandalwood trees are now in danger of extinction, due to increased logging. Is there an alternative future for sandalwood harvesting?

Welcome to the drought-prone area of Andhra Pradesh, Southern India. Lush Spring Prize 2017 winner, The Timbaktu Collective, is regenerating the land, bringing back wildlife, and restructuring the social systems for the people living and working in the region.

The Ojoba Women’s Shea Butter Cooperative is made up of 517 rural village women. They must cope with poor, rocky soil, unreliable rains, and little public infrastructure. However, The Ojoba Women’s Cooperative is a place for women to feel empowered.

Meet the Brazilian cooperative where bees create more than just honey.  Keeping bees here offers the community a lifeline where other crops fail, and also serves to educate us all that caring for your environment can lead to prosperity.

Wish you were there?

If you got serious FOMO after missing a Lush event, debate, or discussion, then you might be in luck. Here’s a handful of some of the best bits.

Is an end in sight for animal testing? Past winners from the Lush Prize join a think tank at the Lush Showcase to talk science, training, public awareness-raising, lobbying, and the importance of young researchers.

Imagine a world where we’ve moved beyond sustainability, and the planet is undergoing regeneration. Does that world fit into our current economic system? Take a seat with the Lush Showcase Think Tank to see what the experts think.

If you’re curious about craftivism and the art of gentle protest, take a seat with Sarah Corbett as she discusses her book on that very topic.

Listen up

Plug in baby and get inspired by these podcasts and audio documentaries.

In this episode of Soapbox Voices, Soapbox reporter Olivia Graham catches up with Growing Together Levenshulme, a charity based in Manchester running therapeutic horticulture sessions for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Tina Rothery, from Lancashire's Anti-Fracking Nanas, speaks about how she became an activist. Her community is made up of somewhat unconventional activists, but Lancashire’s anti-fracking movement has been doing everything it can to prevent the extraction industry from fracking.

Image: Kelly and Rosemary filming for Source to Skin.

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