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Completed Netflix? We've curated the #lushcommunity's favourite recommendations for videos, books and podcasts to get stuck into...

Video Recommendations

There’s something for everyone over on our YouTube channel, so here are our recommendations, including getting hands-on with some up-skilling and getting hands-off with some chilled beats and bath art.

We The Bathers
We The Bathers is a visually beautiful and emotive short documentary featuring fourteen people across the globe. Each story and person is unique, but they share one common connection. Water. The film crosses cultures and continents to find the many reasons why humans love to bathe. Viewers are advised that We The Bathers joins people in their most private moments and therefore contains scenes of a sensitive nature and partial to full nudity.

Chilled Beats and Bath Art
Taking a moment to pause and unwind has never been more vital. Immerse yourself in a mesmerising bath time experience. Delve into a sound bath of relaxing #BathArt visuals set to the soundscapes of the Lush Spa and more. The perfect beats to relax to or background music for meditation. 

Guided Bath Bomb Meditation
We are sharing with you our very first guided meditation with a Lush twist - a Guided Bath Bomb Meditation- to really turn your next bath time into the ultimate act of self-care.  It is created to leave you feeling uplifted and energised. So grab your favourite bath bomb, connect your Bluetooth speaker or find a safe spot for your phone in your bathroom (away from the water) and dive in. No bath? No problem! We have created some lovely bath art visuals to take you through the meditation. 

Upcycling: How To Embroider A Patch, with Embellished Talk
What better way to while away an afternoon than learning a new craft? Rebeckah Kemi Apara has teamed up with Lush to show you how accessorising with an original embroidered patch will breathe new life into your pre-loved jacket, jeans, and more.

Book Recommendations

We’re recommending books to keep you sane, to keep your whole family entertained and to allow you to escape into a world of pure imagination.

The Art of Rest by Claudia Hammond
“This book is about how to find respite in the modern age, and is written in a lovely way and is so well researched. It has a two year review of how people rest, and lists their favourite ways to do so. Number 7 is ‘a nice hot bath’ so it’s really lovely to know that we can help people here. My favourite though is number 5 - 'doing nothing in particular.'” Mark Constantine, Lush Co-Founder

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy
“Since reading, I continuously dip in to recommend pages to friends and to remind myself of brilliantly observed life lessons in the most delightful, un-preachy way. Five stars with bells on.” Rowena Bird, Lush Co-Founder

Pages & Co by Anna James
“Anna hosts the Lush Book Club event at our London studio, where we invite authors who resonate with us to come and talk about their work. Her debut book follows eleven year old Tilly’s adventures with the book characters that she discovers are coming to life in her grandparents’ bookshop, and is a great piece of escapism for adults and children alike.” Matt Fairhall, Lush Book Publisher

Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts are just one of the ways we can set a slot aside for some screenless time. Here are our top picks for wellbeing, intersectional feminist fashion and comedy in a time of social change...

Whole Truth
A podcast that follows Jordan Stephens’ pursuit of a good conversation about mental health.

The Polyester Podcast
Polyester is a self-published, intersectional feminist fashion and culture publication aiming to bridge the gap of URL cyber-feminism with the IRL world. The Polyester Podcast is brought to you by Editor-in-Chief Ione Gamble and produced by Olivia Graham. Have faith in your own bad taste!

Tiny Revolutions 
Host Tiff Stevenson interviews fellow comedians about how and why comedy can be a force for social change.

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