Organic Agave Syrup Water


Organic Agave Syrup Water

Agave Tequilana



We blend organic agave syrup with water to obtain a lighter, but still tantalising mix that keeps the antimicrobial, soothing and humectant properties of the syrup.

Agave belongs to the Asparagaceae family, mostly native to the Americas and Mexico. Agaves are characterized by rosettes of pale green succulent leaves that can range from a few centimetres up to 2.5 metres (8 feet) high. The agave flowers, leaves, stalks and sap are all edible.

The Aztecs had made the plant sacred under the name of Mayahuel, a goddess with 400 hundred breasts to nurse her 400 children - according to the legends. The plant served many purposes in the life of the Aztecs like the production of fibrous ropes and pulque, an alcoholic drink fermented from agave’s ‘honeywater’ (the juice extracted from the plant).

To make agave syrup, the leaves are removed and a hole is made in the core of the plant to siphon out the juice which is then filtered and heated. It tastes sweeter than sugar but has a lower glycemic index and is often used as a honey substitute in vegan cuisine.

The syrup used to make this water is produced in Mexico and is certified organic.

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