Bright yellow 1000 Kisses Deep being held by its black wax 'lid' under a running tap, to create bubbles in yellow water below.

1000 Kisses Deep

Bubble Bar

Warming myrrh and osmanthus soak

1000 Kisses Deep. A bright yellow bubble bottle, complete with black wax 'lid', designed to look like a vintage perfume bottle.
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Perfume your skin with an amorous blend of warming myrrh, animalic labdanum and peachy osmanthus. Overflow in plastic-free bubble baths.

How to use:
Swirl this love potion through the bath or hold under the running water to create stacks of sensual bubbles. Enough for 6-8 plastic-free bubble baths.

How to store:
Store somewhere cool and dry until you're ready for this little bottle to sweep you off your feet.

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