Book a Bath : The Lakes


Exclusively at Bath Spa and Cardiff Spa

Book a Bath : The Lakes
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This treatment is available exclusively at Lush Spa Bath and Lush Spa Cardiff.

Get ready to reconnect with nature as this immersive bathing experience brings the outdoors in. 

What to expect...

SEE the outdoors inside the Lush Spa. Recreate the magic of bathing in nature as you soak in lush, floral landscapes.

HEAR the music as it takes you on a tranquil journey with folklore-inspired Lush soundscapes created by emerging artists.

TASTE an uplifting morning sunrise tea. 

FEEL a sense of inner calm as you submerge in this mind cleansing bath bomb inspired by the beauty of the Lake District.

SMELL grounding aromas of herbaceous Siberian fir and honeyed osmanthus absolute.

Modesty level - Level 3

Well, you can't bathe with your clothes on, so Lush Spa welcome all birthday suits and bathing suits - whatever makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Don't worry, we'll give you total privacy during your treatment.

How to book:

Call or email Bath Spa or Cardiff Spa to book.

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