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Book a Bath : Snow Fairy


Exclusively at Liverpool Spa

Book a Bath : Snow Fairy
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This treatment is available exclusively at Lush Spa Liverpool. 

Soak in style with our most popular bathtime fairy. This candy scented bathing experience is available exclusively until 30th April 2023.  

What to expect...

SEE a beautiful blossom tree surround you as you bathe in an enchanting forest.

HEAR reimagined pieces curated in-house by the Fresh Handmade Sound, interwoven with Scandinavian bird song.

TASTE a rich and nourishing vegan hot chocolate, sprinkled with a little Snow Fairy magic... 

FEEL courage and kindness all around you as Snow Fairy releases swathes of rippling lustre.

SMELL this ones our secret - bubblegum, candy, sweetness… what can you smell?

Modesty level - Level 3

Well, you can't bathe with your clothes on, so Lush Spa welcome all birthday suits and bathing suits - whatever makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Don't worry, we'll give you total privacy during your treatment.

How to book:

Call or email Liverpool Spa to book.

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