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Gift Box

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    How to Use:
    This 100% recycled box with its bath time, rubber duck inspired design is perfect for gifting to someone to help celebrate a special occasion, a birthday, special achievement or it could be a Wednesday. You could use the box to store your Knot Wrap collection, keep sakes or more Lush products. Why not re-gift this with brand new contents next time someone does something you want to celebrate? This gift box will be delivered flat for you to assemble. Keep it stored flat until you are ready to build your gift.

    Box 230mm x 230mm x 97mm

    Suggested Contents:
    This box is perfect for around 6 Lush products. Why not add in their favourite Lush bath bombs and bubbles, Brightside bubble bar and Dragons Egg are lovely and uplifting. Get creative and add in a personal touch with something you know will make them feel extra special.

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