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Dad's Garden - Chamomile And Honeysuckle


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Dad's Garden - Chamomile And Honeysuckle
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"I don't notice this perfume much when first sprayed. Perhaps a hint of chamomile. But after about an hour, when it settles, it becomes a beautiful, tranquil, almost rosy type of scent, with a soft, slightly powdery undertone. " - HanaH

"This perfume is kerbside violets sweeter sister. It has more sweet floral notes in it, whereas kerbside has a more musky undertone. Great for spring and summer." - krystalina_2

"At first it seems like chamomile covers up everything but as honeysuckle lingers which makes this very interesting and refreshing. I love it!" - stobraxo

How to use:

Take a trip down memory lane to warm evenings spent outdoors, bathing in the sweet notes of orange flower. Spritz yourself to reveal a blissful garden bouquet of calming lavender and rich jasmine stir fond thoughts of loved ones.

Inspired by the bittersweet origin of Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree, Simon Constantine created this sweet, green perfume in homage of his father Mark’s garden.



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