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Knot Wrap Card Pack

Gift Wrapping


    Forget paper packages tied up with string - why not try knot-wrapping your favourite thing? When it comes to gift-wrapping, the ancient Japanese art of fabric wrapping (known as Furoshiki) can help you wrap up items in an instant and with flourish, whilst reducing paper waste. Originating from a tradition of folding one’s clothes in fabric when washing in the public baths, practising Furoshiki is now a Japanese way of life, when it comes to transporting bento boxes, decorating gifts and protecting items in transit.

    This useful little pack will teach you the many ways you can use our vintage, green-spun and recycled knot-wraps to exquisitely wrap gifts. Get hands on with this eco-friendly tradition and use knot wraps to braid your hair, package your lunch, form a handbag…there are so many options. Have birthdays, other celebrations and personal emergencies all wrapped up in minutes with a little knot-wrap know-how!

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