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Gift Box

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    How to Use:
    This 100% recycled box is perfect for gifting someone, or yourself, products that are the ultimate in relaxation. If you would like someone you know to relaaaaaaax a bit more than why not add in some music that might help them drift to sleep, a novel you know they would love to read in the bath for some escapism? The box can be used afterwards to re-gift to someone else, or use to stash your lush products or store keepsakes. This gift box will be delivered flat for you to assemble. Keep it stored flat until you are ready to build your gift.

    Box: 300mm x 300mm x 90mm
    Ribbon: 87cm

    Suggested Contents:
    This box can fit up to 14 Lush products. We recommend the Sleepy bubble bar, Sleepy body lotion, Deep Sleep bath bomb and Beauty Sleep face and body mask for some deep relaxation. We encourage you to get creative, why not add in an eye mask, some PJ’s and a good book for a really personal touch.

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