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Sleepy Tenugui Wrap

Gift Wrapping

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    This reusable organic cotton fabric wrap is perfect to build a personalised gift. Use as an accessory, hand towel, decoration or re-gift for a Lush environment.

    The Tenugui is a great size for wrapping 3 bath bombs or a 500g bottle.

    How to use:

    Tenugui means hand towel in Japanese and can be used in multiple ways. Mainly this is intended to be used as part of a hand washing routine. The towel can be taken with you and used to dry hands when out or at home. It can also be used to wrap in your hair, cover books and as an accessory. Use the Tenugui to wrap gifts such as bath bombs, books and bottles.

    Dries quickly & always clean: 

    Because there is no sewn rim on the edge, Tenugui dries quickly without any bacteria to develop

    Size: 90cmx30cm.

    Made from 100% organic cotton.

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