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The Sound Bath Spa Treatment

The Sound Bath Spa Treatment

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    A combination of massage, music and tuning forks to retune your mind and body.

    "...The Sound Bath treatment was honestly one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me, I did not know I was capable of the level of happiness and relaxation that I felt during and after..." - imigracedovey_6830453

    "... I feel totally renewed and uplifted following my treatment and would definitely recommend this to anybody that has found themselves stuck in a bit of a rut or is feeling a little emotionally fragile. I found this to be a deeply meditative treatment and the use of the tuning forks and instruments adds an extra dimension to it...." - emmalondon9

    "I just had this yesterday and all i can say is wow. i left the room with such clarity, calmness and inner focus. It was the treatment i needed without realising it, i even bought the soundtrack to relax with at home!! :) A must try for anyone who needs to start listening within." - kim_23488

    What to expect...

    SEE candles flicker drawing you in

    HEAR Tibetan singing bowls and gongs as you are bathed in sound

    TASTE delicious cacao and a sweet apple infusion.

    FEEL rebalanced with vibrations of tuning forks

    SMELL the incense curling into the air with heady Ylang Ylang and uplifting Neroli.

    Modesty Level

    Level 3: Very little undressing required.

    How To Book

    Buy a voucher online.

    Check our Spa FAQ and policies for more information.

    Call or email your preferred Spa to book.

    Booking for more than one person?

    A number of our Spas can accommodate treatments for two people to experience alongside each other. Please call or email your preferred Spa to discuss options.

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