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100% Lanolin Free

As of 2023, Lush is going completely lanolin-free!

Lanolin is the natural oil sheep’s skin produces, and used in cosmetics due to closely resembling the natural sebum on our own skin. 

We’ve been proudly creating vegetarian products for 25 years and counting - it is important to us and we take pride of what we have been able to achieve. We have always been dedicated to being cruelty free and have a huge selection of products to choose from.

We have removed lanolin from all of our products, replacing them with natural plant materials to provide the benefits to the hair and body that were previously credited to the lanolin.

Currently, around 95% of our all year round product range is vegan, with more products being added all the time which is really something to be excited about!

Why is Lush not 100% vegan?

We still continue to use honey and beeswax in our products which are 2 incredibly important materials. Lush works with local suppliers that align with its values, this involves going through a strict framework to ensure that the buying of ingredients are from regenerative supply chains and that the practices are ethical and socially responsible.

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