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A number of black label perfume bottles are arranged randomly, with B Scent in the centre, lid off, ready to spritz.

B Scent


Grapefruit, fennel and jasmine

A glass perfume bottle filled with amber liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and 'B Scent'.
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This flirty scent evokes the first sunshiny days of spring with its blend of heady florals and light, bright citrus. A familiar bouquet of jasmine and rose give B Scent a traditional touch, while zippier elements of grapefruit and fennel oils add intriguing bursts of energy. The result is much lighter and more straightforward than its individual elements might suggest, making it a perfect daytime fragrance in any season. Made in United Kingdom.

How to use

Spritz directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.


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