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Limited Edition


Bubble Bar

Seas the day

Seaside. A rough, circular shaped bubble bar with a crisp, white centre and subtle blue edged.
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Sink beneath softening sea-like foam that washes atop turquoise waters with this limited-edition bubble bar. The warmth of dark Sumatran patchouli and petitgrain oils help your mind drift away while a refreshing twist of ylang ylang calms the spirit; an ode to the coastline.

Made in Canada


- Sea salt softens skin

- Dark Sumatran patchouli oil has a warm, earthy aroma

- Ylang ylang oil is sweet and floral

- Proudly packaging-free

How to use: 

Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub for mountains of fluffy, fragrant bubbles.

How to store: 

Keep bubble bars fresh and dry in one of our product holders, a big glass jar or anything else that keeps them away from water.

Smells like: A warm breeze across the ocean.

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