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Keep the kids busy with Lush

We asked some Lush parents how they’re keeping their kids busy at home and they shared their top tips.


Our famous 4 in 1 bars come highly recommended by parents everywhere. Monsters And Aliens Fun comes equipped with props for your kids to add personality to their own scary creations. Mermaid Fun gives them everything you need to make their own aquatic friend. And Rainbow Fun has a selection of 7 bright colours to let their imaginations run wild. Your favourite animal? Members of your family? Ever played a game of FUN-ctionary? Write a bunch of words down on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl, pick one up and model it out of Fun against the clock. If you have a small army on your hands, put them into teams and pit them against each other!

Click here for some more tips on what you could get busy creating. 

Once the fun is over, get them to the sink or in the bathtub to squish their creations into a gentle cleansing bar suitable for body and hair, leaving skin silky soft and smelling fresh.


For many of the parents at Lush, lovely long baths for their little ones is the order of the day, and we’re not short of options. Some of our favourites include characters like Lucky Cat bubble bar and Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb to create your own feline versus robot adventure. 

If you’re looking to prolong bathtime, choose a slow fizzing multilayered bath bomb like Twilight or Dragon's Egg which create bath art on top of the water, mesmerise and do a great job of hold little ones’ attention spans. 

Word to the wise, better not to keep hold of the bath bomb while it’s fizzing if you want those beautiful bright colours to end up in the water rather than on your hands. If your little darlings are eager to hold on to something, we recommend giving them a chunk of Fun or a bar of soap while the bath bomb is released into the water to do its thing.

If you’re looking for educational ideas, why not pick up a Mermaid Tail bubble bar and explore the issue of ocean pollution?

Our solid bubble bars are also a perfect alternative to liquid bubble bath. Pretend to be a unicorn with Unicorn Horn bubble bar before crumbling into the water until you have the desired amount of bubbles. Look out for bubble bars marked ‘reusable’ for options you can use again and again. Crayon bubble stick is a great option for budding artists as you can get the kids to use the bubbles as their canvas. 

You can even bring your empty black pots into the tub to use as toys, more on that below.


Need an idea for calming them down in the hope of being able to get a quiet 5 minutes to get some work done? Solid massage bars, melted between warm hands create a perfect oil blend to massage into post-bath bodies. Choose Therapy for its lavender and neroli to relax and calm in an ideal nap-time inducing massage. Or better yet, teach the kids how to give massages and bribe them into giving you a pamper.

Try using these products to talk about the importance of self-care as well as providing an opportunity to spend some quality time together unwinding.

For older kids using tech, get them to download the Lush Labs app for access to Lush Moods, an interactive meditation aid featuring music composed for the Lush Spa. They can choose a word to reflect how they want to feel and follow the guided meditation on the screen to calm down and focus.

Also search Lush Moods on our YouTube channel for some seriously mesmerising ASMR videos which can keep kids engaged for a while.


Has there ever been a better time to spend time educating ourselves on best practice handwashing? Grab a slice of Honey I Washed The Kids or your favourite bar of soap and choose a 20 second song to wash your hands along to. 20 seconds is the recommended amount of time to lather up to make sure you effectively remove dirt, viruses and bacteria from the skin. That’s ooh aah just a little bit of fun.


Reusability is one of the most important elements involved in us choosing packaging options where we need to use it. Lots of our packaging can be repurposed for play, here are some of our favourite suggestions.

Black pots

Our iconic black pots are sturdy, easy to keep clean and make fantastic storage pots for keeping those crafty items safe and organised.

Or how about turning spare pots into little planters with your little ones? Cress, salad leaves, flower seeds. . . there are oodles of options! You can even grow from food scraps; the root ends of celery and spring onions can be planted in a small pot with some soil and grow in just a few days. The fun of being able to eat the vegetable afterwards makes it even more exciting! A  small amount of sand or a few stones in the bottom of any plant will help with drainage.

Young ornithologists could even use their empty black pots as scoops to go feed the birds in the garden!

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