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Brun Henna

Henna Hair Colour

Hot chocolate

From ZAR 255.00325g
Brun Henna
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"I've been using henna brun on and off since my teens now that I'm turning grey (20%) I am happy to see henna can gently subdue the grey/white starkness with a healthy looking highlight effect. The contents of Lush's henna are so supportive it leaves my locks replenished and pampered." - Nibbles

"The colour is one thing but the quality and texture which it adds to my hair is my main motivation. Bravo lush for this classic quality product that’s been with the company for years!" - EllePatch

"Oh my days. My hair shines, feels soft and nourished and has so many different tones in it after using this. I had had a disaster with a box dye and my scalp was soooo irritated. Not once did brun henna feel like it was hurting me. It smells divine and my partner actually gave this a thumbs up! I will never use box dye again!" - emma.ley_6907

How To Use:

Here’s exactly what you’ll need:

  • Your chosen henna brick (more than one if your hair is very long, very thick or very curly or coily).
  • A friend with a steady hand (having someone else apply your henna will ensure a more precise result).
  • A pair of rubber gloves.
  • A kettle, stirring spoon and a bain-marie/heat-proof bowl.
  • Clips to section your hair.
  • Shampoo and conditioner, plus a protective balm, like Ultrabland.
  • Wide brush to apply henna (recommended).
  • A shower cap if you’d like a more vibrant result.

The key to a great henna result is a generous and thorough application, but first read our FAQ and do a strand test 

  1. Break up your brick and gradually stir in freshly boiled water. Mixing in a bain-marie (or heatproof bowl in a saucepan) is the easiest way to melt your brick as the added layer of hot water around the formula keeps it nice and toasty to release the dye pigment. You’re aiming for the consistency of melted chocolate. 
  2. Add Ultrabland or Ultraplant to your hairline and around the ears if you’re the messy sort. 
  3. Comb and section your hair, check your henna is a comfortable temperature, and apply to the roots of the hair, working from the nape of the neck up to the crown. Use a brush for extra precision. 
  4. Smear abundantly through the lengths and ends of the hair with (gloved) hands and pile on top of the head. 
  5. Cover with a shower cap for a warmer result, leaving on for up to two hours. 
  6. Rinse thoroughly (we recommend a co-wash or conditioner to initially lift the henna, followed by shampoo and conditioner). Turn heads.

You can apply another coat of henna as soon as your hair is dry if this is part of a two-step application, or wait a while. Both henna and indigo will continue to develop over a few days and so your end result may be subtly different from your first rinse away.

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