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Bath Bomb

Cosy vanilla and cocoa butter

Butterball. A simple, round, white bath bomb, with visible pieces of cocoa butter within the bomb.
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ZAR 74.50

A perfectly simple bath bomb for sensitive skin, Butterball features pieces of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter alongside a comforting vanilla fragrance, that leaves skin sweet-scented and silky soft.

How to use:
Run a bath and drop this little wonder in there. The cocoa butter pieces will melt onto your skin and you'll smell good enough to eat.

How to store:
Keep somewhere cool and dry to preserve the relaxing Ylang Ylang scent, which is often used to treat stress and relieve anger, panic and fear.

Did you know?
This bath bomb is a long standing favourite, partly due to just how good it is for people with more sensitive skin. With very few ingredients, chunks of moisturising cocoa butter and a comforting scent, you'll feel cared for inside and out. 




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