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Flyway Hair

Shampoo Bar

Lift your hair on a sea breeze

From ZAR 120.0055g
Flyway Hair
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"My absolutely all-time favourite shampoo scent-wise, it smells so incredibly good. It's also the first solid shampoo I've ever used and it's so easy to use, foams up really nicely and works really well for my fine, flat, straight hair. 100% recommend." - miruna.virtopean

"I love this bar, it really gives my hair a lovely shine. Smells wonderful and overall a great naked product." - Miss Emellia

"Has a nice and fresh scent and has helped to add volume to my fine, wavy hair. It's also brought out some of the waves that I didn't see with other shampoos. Lathers up nicely and is easy to apply via hands or directly onto the scalp with the bar. Leaves my hair clean and fresh without being too drying." - aqua8853_63266

How to use:

Lather this sea salt and lemon directly into the hair for shiny thick locks.

How to store:

Leave on the side in a cool dry place, ready for you need it. Between 60 - 80 washes each.

Did you know?

We invented shampoo bars way back in 1988 and they have been flying off the shelves ever since! In 2019 we sold 6.6 million shampoo bars saving over 19 million shampoo bottles from going to landfill.

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