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Bath Bomb

Seductive oudh and jasmine soaks

From ZAR 89.00200g
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"This is my favorite bath-bomb ever. It literally does everything you want from a great bath-bomb: incredible smell, that lasts even after the bath, beautiful colours and glitter, silky feeling skin, and extremely relaxing." - rebel yell

"This bath bomb is seriously beautiful. It turns the water a light shade of lilac with a bit a shimmer here and there. My skin feels so smooth and I felt relaxed every moment I was in the bath!" - Ozzie311

"I like this bathbomb because of its lingering exotic scent that comes from the oudh oil in it. Its kind of an incense-y smell and it smells GREAT on the skin for a long time after bathing." - AlcatrazTwo

How to use:

Drop this ethereal bath bomb in a hot soak. Feel your mood ascend as alluring jasmine absolute seduces you into oudh-rich, shimmering lilac waters.

How to store:

Store in a cool dry place, best used fresh to feel like a Goddess. 

Did you know?

Over 25 years ago we invented the bath bomb. Our fizzing bicarb beauties provide an immersive aromatherapeutic bathtime like no other. All this and no packaging too...

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