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Honey I Washed The Kids body spray is sprayed by a tatooed hand into the air, in front of a bright, light orange background.

Honey I Washed The Kids

Body Spray

A honey-scented body spray

A spray bottle containing Honey I Washed The Kids body spray, made of opaque black Lush plastic.
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ZAR 355.00

"It is a simple yummy honey fragrance without being straight up honey. It gives a warm and cosy feel." - m.g.i

"It's sort of warming and spicy, it makes you smile as soon as you put it on. It smells like the soap but 100x better. If you like Golden pear, Roller or yog nog scents you should definitely get this." - LMac

"I just can not get enough of this scent! It’s a sweeeeet toffee honey fragrance that is absolutely delicious." - Beth_38

How to use: 

Spritz all over the body avoiding the underarm area for a cheerful burst of honey toffee with a citrus twist.  


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