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Delicate pink water with lots of tiny bubbles and white surface foam, along with a dash of yellow.

Marshmallow World

Bath Bomb

Comforting marshmallow clouds

Marshmallow World. A round, sugary pink bath bomb, with yellow, white and crystallised dusty blue swirls.
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ZAR 95.00

How to use:
Fill your bath with warm water and drop in to indulge in an American Cream dream. Vanilla with a touch of strawberry, this will leave you feeling smooth and sweet. 

How to store:
Keep this fluffy delight in a cool, dry place - like you would a real marshmallow!

Did you know?

Although everyone’s tolerance for what’s too hot is different, it’s thought that the ideal water temperature for your bath is only slightly higher than our body temperature, which is around 37°C. Anything above 39°C and your heart begins to work harder - not so relaxing!


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